40 Days: ELEVATE

We invite YOU to join TEAM CASA DE ESPERANZA for
40 Days: ELEVATE at BIG Power Yoga!

Join us at BIG Power Yoga this 40 Days, and make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others! The 40 Days program exists to support you in transforming your beliefs about what results you are capable of producing for yourself, your communities, and the world. YOU matter. YOU are impacting the world in every moment. YOU are more powerful than you know, and WE are more powerful together.
This 40 Days, BIG is out to cause a bigger and more measurable impact in Houston and the world than they have ever caused before! You will have the chance to practice while you raise funds for a charity of your choice, and we are looking for people to join our team! Come be a part of the fun, now is your time to soar high!

The program consists of 40 Days of yoga, meditation, and self inquiry centered around elevating yourself, your yoga practice, and your life. Perks of the 40 Days include free workshops, being a part of a 40 Days team, and discounts on retail and juice from BIG & Juicy. 
3 Simple Steps to Join Team Casa de Esperanza:
- Register for the event HERE
- Create a FREE fundraising campaign through Reason2Race HERE by clicking JOIN EVENT TEAM
- Share your campaign with family and friends!

Let’s all have the children of Casa de Esperanza be our motivation and support us in making our goals happen! GO TEAM!

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