• Join us in keeping Houston area children safe.

    Since 1982, Casa de Esperanza has been there for families in times of crisis. We couldn’t keep children safe or provide loving, nurturing homes without foster parents.

    When you become a foster parent with Casa de Esperanza, you provide care for children ages 0-6 while our Family Support team works with parents to build a safe and healthy home.

    If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, don’t wait to apply! If you’re accepted, our team will give you the training and support you need to confidently care for children.

Become a foster parent with Casa de Esperanza.

Foster in your own home.

Volunteer Community Foster Parents provide safety, stability, and loving care to children without financial compensation. This selfless work allows you to integrate a foster child into your home and life in order to support their developmental and social skills. 


Foster in one of our homes.

Neighborhood “Family Based Care” foster parents live in one of our fully-furnished homes in a private neighborhood and provide immediate safety and nurturing care for children while surrounded by a like-minded and supportive community.