• Join the Mary Nicholas Legacy Society

    The Mary Nicholas Legacy Society unites and honors visionary individuals who choose to invest in the future of Houston’s children with a planned gift benefiting Casa de Esperanza.  When you make a legacy gift, you contribute to our long-term financial security and stability. 

    You don’t need to be wealthy to make a legacy gift. With thoughtful planning you can make a significant gift that will benefit Casa de Esperanza and provide hope to Houston’s most vulnerable children and families while meeting your personal philanthropic objectives.

  • Why is it called the Mary Nicholas Legacy Society?

    Mary Nicholas had a love for children and a dream that she could one day help children in need. In 1990, “Miss Mary” generously donated land to Casa de Esperanza. With the opening of the Casa de Esperanza Neighborhood in 2008, her dream is now a reality. Miss Mary’s love for children will continue as future generations of children heal, flourish, and grow on this beautiful land.

  • Legacy gifts may include:

    • Bequest (Wills)
    • IRA/Retirement Account Beneficiary
    • Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary

    In addition to making a lasting impact on the future of Houston’s children, your legacy gift may have potential tax benefits, both immediate and for your estate. Casa de Esperanza is not a professional financial advising organization. Any information provided does not constitute financial or legal advice. Please consult your personal financial, legal and/or tax counsel before drafting any legal documents.

  • For Estate/Financial Planners:

    • Foundation Legal Name: Casa De Esperanza De Los Niños Foundation
    • EIN: 76-055-5303
    • Foundation Legal Address: 2911 Corder A, Houston, Texas 77054
    • Foundation Mailing Address: PO Box 301209, Houston, Texas 77230
    • Organization Legal Name: Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos, Inc.
    • EIN: 76-010-5306
    • Legal Address: 2911 Corder A, Houston, Texas 77054
    • Mailing Address: PO Box 301209, Houston, Texas 77230

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