• A child's brain is 90% developed by age 5.

    So when young children are at risk of abuse and neglect, intervention is critical.

    Our Foster Care Program is a lifeline for parents struggling to provide their children with the safety and  stability they need for healthy development.

  • Our foster homes give children the foundation they need to grow into healthy adults.

    Children up to six years are given a safe, stable home while their parents build the skills they need to safely parent them at home.

    Each child receives care in trauma-informed, loving homes where we:

    ● Address their basic needs.
    ● Assess any developmental deficits.
    ● Guide them towards developmental milestones.
    ● Help them heal from any effects of trauma and neglect.

    When a child enters into our care, we do everything in our power to help their parents break the cycle of abuse and neglect and live a healthy life with their child.

When children are in our care, they receive:

  • Dedicated caregivers

    Each of our foster care providers are extensively trained in trauma-informed practices and have the compassion and commitment it takes to care for children.

  • A safe and stable home

    Whether in the Casa neighborhood or a vetted volunteer community foster home, children live in a safe, loving home with 24/7 care.

  • Medical evaluations

    Each child receives a professional medical evaluation and recommended treatment plan. We then work with parents to make sure children get any medical care they may need.

  • School-readiness training

    Children receive age-appropriate school-readiness training that supports cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical development for long-term academic success.

  • Thoughtful meals

    Our staff and volunteers provide a wide variety of healthy, hand-prepared meals to help children develop a healthy relationship with food.

  • Developmental support

    Trauma-informed caregivers work together to address each child’s physical, emotional and developmental needs.

Here’s how to get help:

  • Call Us

    Call (713) 529-0639 or fill out this form, so we can learn more about your situation and how we can best support you.

  • Meet with Our Team

    Our experienced case managers will help create a Plan of Service, tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of you and your family.

  • Receive Support

    You will receive skill-building opportunities and resources, equipping you with the tools needed to provide a nurturing and secure environment for your children.

Welcome to our neighborhood!

In 1990, we were gifted 4 acres of land near the Texas Medical Center. In 2008, that land was developed into a private neighborhood. Children learn quickly that the neighborhood is a safe haven where they are free to grow, develop, and play.

Foster parents and their children spend time together in the beautiful green space of the neighborhood, sharing picnics, exploring the playground and natural spaces, or taking the children on “walks” with their wagons or pedal cars.

2023 Program Impact

  • families received post permanency services

  • families with 151 children and 76 adults received Aftercare services

  • Families maintained stable housing 6 months after reunification

  • Join our caregiving team and keep children safe.

    Our community foster parents, caregiving staff, and full-time Neighborhood Foster Parents are vital to our work. They give children something no one can every take away from them: love, connection, belonging, stability, and safety during their most critical years of development.

    If you have a big heart for children and want to make a big difference, learn more about fostering with Casa de Esperanza.


    Caring for Hannah for the past nine months has taught me so much about love, patience, and finding happiness in the little things. I am forever grateful for our time together and the impact we have made in her life.

    Casa de Esperanza Foster Parent

    You may be wondering...

    Do you accept voluntary placements?

    Yes we do! We are one of a few organizations in Houston who accept voluntary foster care placements. Some children in our care are referred to us by CPS or DFPS, but most of the children in our care are here because a parent reached out to us for help. If you’re a parent in need of assistance and/or foster care, go here to learn more about how we can help you.

    Are your foster parents qualified?

    Children stay with a foster family who has been recruited, trained, and licensed by Casa de Esperanza. Volunteer foster families are highly motivated to meet each child’s needs and share our goal of reunification. They must clear all background checks and are thoroughly trained to care for children who have to spend some time away from their family. 

    Do parents get to visit their children?

    In most cases, one-hour visits are offered every other week at our Program Center office.   Parents work directly with their caseworker to schedule visits. Caseworkers also send parents regular updates on and photos of their child.

    Who has custody of your foster children?

    In a voluntary placement with Casa de Esperanza, parents retain custody of their child as well as all their parental rights. Whenever possible, we involve parents in decisions about their child’s treatment and care. In some cases, children are in the custody of CPS/DFPS.

    How long do children stay with you?

    If DFPS/CPS is involved, we will work with them regarding their recommendations for services. If there is no DFPS involvement, we will work with the parent to help them achieve the goals on their plan of service so they can stabilize their family. The parent and their Casa de Esperanza caseworker will work together to determine when the best time is for the child to return home.

    What happens after foster care?

    We work diligently to reunite children with their families, offering casework, referral, and support services to parents throughout the child’s placement in voluntary foster care. Once a child has reunited with the family, we continue to provide these same services for a minimum of six months after the child returns home. Services are available to the family for longer periods of time if needed. In the event that a parent chooses to place their child for adoption, we will find a safe, stable, forever home for the child and work closely with the adoptive parents to ensure the child has everything they need.


    How do I apply to become a foster parent?

    Learn more about fostering with Casa here.

    Are you an orphanage?

    We are not an orphanage. We have a neighborhood of foster homes that provide care to children when their parents are in crisis. We firmly believe that family-based care is the better option for children rather than long term institutional care. The children have parents who maintain all of their parental rights and responsibilities while their child is in voluntary foster care and they are working toward greater stability.  We care for children, but we also support their parents and do everything in our power to reunify families.