Programs & Services

Caring for children. Supporting parents.

Our programs are designed to help children thrive and strengthen their entire support system, including parents and other caregivers or guardians.

Foster Care

Our foster care homes provide a safe and caring place for children aged 0-6 to live while we work with their parents towards the goal of reunification. 

We are one of the few agencies in Houston that accepts voluntary placements, where parents retain custody of their children while in our care and remain involved in key decisions in their child’s life.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers undergo extensive trauma-informed training and are deeply committed to providing loving, exceptional care.


Family Support Services

Resolving life’s challenges while parenting is tough. We help parents stabilize their family through a custom plan of service that can include job searching, applying for affordable housing, GED classes, counseling, transportation, and more.

Services continue for as long as a family needs support, ensuring each child has a safe and loving forever home even when reunification is not possible.


Here's how it works:

  • Parents get the guidance and resources they need.

    When parents come to us for support, we create a Plan of Service just for them. We can help them find jobs, make it to appointments, apply for benefits, secure critical documentation, and more.

  • Children are given a safe, stable home in the meantime.

    If a parent chooses to temporarily place their child in our care, they will live in a safe foster home with trained caregivers who will make sure their physical, emotional, and developmental needs are met.

  • Support continues after reunification.

    Whenever possible, our goal is always family reunification. We’ll continue to support the child and their parents or caregivers after reunification or permanent placement.